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Pen tube insertion tool

Pen tube insertion tool

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Essential Pen Making Tools

These pen making tools greatly simplify everyday pen making tasks.

  • Pen Tube Insertion Tool: use this tool to hold your pen tube while you apply glue and then insert the pen tube into the pen blank without getting glue on your fingers. This is especially useful when using CA glue / superglue on your pen tubes, which cures instantly when it touches your skin.
  • Pen Assembly: The Pen Assembly Press will greatly speed up the process of pressing your pens together during assembly.
  • Pen Disassembly: The Pen Disassembly Set and Soft Grip Pliers make it possible to remove pen parts from your pen barrels without damaging the pen. Use these tools to replace broken or worn parts or to correct your assembly mistakes quickly and easily.
  • Barrel trimming sets and pen mills: The barrel trimming tools enable you to trim the edges of your barrel on a drill press or by hand to obtain perfectly flush end barrels - a pen making imperative!